International Pioneers School

The school's mission is to encourage and inspire every student in our care to become "pioneers". To launch themselves on a journey of discovery, into their own being and the universe they are a part of, thereby raising their consciousness and nurturing a love of learning and knowledge that will benefit them, and the society, for the rest of their lives. ? At IPS we believe in the whole child - Academically, Physically, and Socially. ? At IPS we believe that learning is a lifelong process, which never ceases. We live and learn. The love for learning initially develops in young minds. Hence at IPS we begin with the child. As an international learning center we pride ourselves in providing a caring and intellectually stimulating environment where quality and high standards are matched with a diversity of learning styles. This allows us to best meet the demands of every child each with their own unique needs, traditions, culture, limitations, potential and abilities. In education, we at IPS have a crucial role in creating the right learning environment, which is creative and positive enough to allow these diversities to flourish and equality to be upheld. ? At IPS we believe in using a broad yet balanced curriculum so that every child can grow as an academic, physical, and social being. This balanced approach, with the ?whole? of the child in mind, helps us to foster critical and creative thinking and thereby lift the spirit of free inquiry. ? At IPS we believe in developing a mutual respect and concern in every child not just for one another but also for the world as well. Caring for their physical environment, nurturing responsibility for all things living is we believe an excellent preparation for the challenges of living in society.


Name: International Pioneers School
IB [International Baccalaureate]
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Description: International School
Country: Thailand
Tuition fee (USD): $10,001 USD - $20,000 USD
Other fees (USD): $10,001 USD - $20,000 USD
Contact: ND
Address: ND
Telephone: 02 8623030, 02 4



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